Employment Mediation Services

Mediation is the primary means of resolving employment disputes which arise in the employment relationship. I conduct private employment  mediations, and have also been privileged to work as a contractor to MBIE which provides mediation to employees and employers.

Employment mediations may include constructive dismissal, unjustified dismissal, redundancy, performance plans, exploitation, bullying and harassment in the workplace, health and safety concerns, medical incapacity and relationship issues.

I particularly enjoy working as a mediator to support parties experiencing difficulty in their relationship working through communication , characterisation of behaviour, attribution of motivation  and biased assimilation of information issues to create a platform for understanding why the conflict has arisen – and how it can be avoided in the future.

What is a mediator’s role?

An Employment Mediator’s objective is to provide each party with an opportunity to engage with each other in a constructive way. Each party is then better informed about the other party’s view of the dispute and able to undertake an informed risk assessment. This assists each of the parties to take a creative and constructive approach to resolving the dispute. Independence from the subject matter of the employment dispute means that I can adopt an analytical approach asking questions about the factual and legal arguments and assist parties to evaluate litigation risks and the other costs of not reaching an agreement.

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