Reach a sound agreement through Mediation


Specialist in
Commercial mediation

  • Partnership / joint venture
  • Contract / negligence
  • Construction
  • Employment
  • Franchise agreements
  • Insurance
  • Property
  • Leaky Homes

Specialist in
Family mediation

  • Relationship property
  • Wills, trusts and estates
  • Parenting agreements

Expert commercial or family mediation assistance to achieve effective, efficient dispute resolution.

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Build trust and rapport from our initial contact so we can get on with the task at hand.


Get to the heart of the matter and isolate the real issues to focus on their resolution quickly


Mediation is a process designed to suit your needs.


Informed decision making in mediation will ensure a durable agreement.

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Over 22 Years of
Specialist Mediation

Named by Law Fuel as one of the top 4 commercial mediators in 2016 and NBR as one of the top 10 commercial and family mediators in New Zealand in 2014, I have proven experience in commercial and family dispute resolution and mediation.

Since 2014, I am one of 5 New Zealand mediators recognised as a leader in the field of WHO'S WHO Legal. I take pride in an open communication style, facilitating better conversations and ensuring mediation leads to durable agreements.

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“Deborah has a rare quality of being able to work out the legal and technical issues in the case and at the same time is able to support the parties, who are often in an emotional and vulnerable state.”

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A personal &
supportive approach
to mediation

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