Family Mediation Services

Family Mediation is a process where a professionally trained, independent mediator helps couples and families work out agreements involving the following disputes:

  • Relationship property disputes
  • Trusts
  • Wills and Estate disputes

I am an accredited Family Dispute Resolution provider under the Family Dispute Resolution Act 2013.

Family mediation enables the parties to develop their own solution to a dispute with the assistance of an independent third party who can keep the communication on track, ensure the parties are being heard, manage the process and focus the parties on their objectives.  I am familiar with the range of dynamics in family conflict and have developed a repertoire of interventions to address them.

How family mediation helps:

  • It gives you more say about what happens;
  • It’s less stressful, with less conflict between the parties.
  • It is cheaper and faster than long drawn-out court battles.

I welcome an initial discussion to identify the issues to be mediated and how many sessions may be required.

For more information on the mediation process please click here, or please contact me to book a consultation.