Restorative Justice, Facilitation, Coaching & Supervision Services


Professional facilitation is useful in a range of contexts before disputes arise or escalate; such as when consultation with different stakeholders is required, as part of a change process in a workplace, in governance situations or in any group meeting setting. The advantage of employing the services of an expert facilitator is that they are independent and can facilitate the meeting and assist parties to identify issues of concern and the ways in which they may be addressed.

Facilitated meetings can be useful in a range of settings, including:

  • Workplaces
  • Commercial negotiations
  • Boards
  • Family discussions
  • In relation to environmental proposals
  • Restorative Justice conferences


Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice is a process for resolving crime that focuses on redressing the harm experienced by victims while holding the offender to account for what they have done. In Resource Management prosecutions, I facilitate restorative justice conferences whereby the defendant has pleaded guilty and seeks to meet with the ‘victim’.

The purpose of a Restorative Justice conference is to bring together the defendant and the parties most affected by the wrongdoing and to encourage them to address the harm done and ways of righting the wrong. Where an outcome is agreed by the parties (almost always the case), it is taken into account by the judge in sentencing the defendant.


Professional Coaching

With 27 years of mediation and facilitation experience I regularly act as coach to advocates in mediation or parties seeking to negotiate an agreement directly  assisting them to prepare, identify their objectives and to develop appropriate negotiation strategies . Please contact me to discuss how I might assist you.


I regularly act as supervisor to less experienced mediators working with them on an ad hoc basis to develop their practise, review past mediations, or prepare for forthcoming mediations. Please contact me to discuss my supervision services.

25+ years’ experience in Mediation and Dispute Resolution.