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Commercial Mediation

With over 1,700 successful mediations since 1994, I have mediated both two party and multiparty disputes across a wide range of subject areas. Commercial mediation is a confidential and private dispute resolution process whereby an independent, neutral third party seeks to assist the parties in reaching a negotiated agreement. I have mediated commercial cases such as: 
  • Business partnerships and joint ventures
  • Contract
  • Professional negligence
  • Insurance
  • Resource management
  • Construction
  • Health and disability
  • Employment
  • Public law
Commercial mediations often involve claims where proceedings have been filed or are contemplated. Lawyers are usually involved and direct communication between the parties has broken down. In a litigated case, a commercial mediation is usually a one day event with the parties and their lawyers meeting to engage in constructive dialogue about the dispute and to identify options for its resolution and reach agreement.

In other commercial mediations where lawyers may not yet be involved, mediation can take place as a one day event or may involve a number of meetings between the parties and the commercial mediator.


Family Mediation
I mediate many types of disputes involving couples and families including relationship property disputes, trust, wills and estate disputes and parenting agreements. I am an accredited Family Dispute Resolution provider under the Family Dispute Resolution Act 2013. 
Family mediation is an alternative and effective way of resolving familial disputes. My vast experience and specialized skills cover the below dynamics of family mediator interventions:
  • The range of parties who may be involved- wills and estates involving siblings, beneficiaries, trustees or parenting agreements involving two parents or an extended family.
  • The sensitivity and privacy of the issues.
  • Emotions that may be involved and need to be managed at the table.
  • The family dynamics where the dispute has been protracted or has developed over a long period of time or the likelihood that communication has completely broken down.
  • The significance of the issues involving important relationships to the parties.

Mediation Process 

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