pdficon small Using your emotional intelligence to advantage in mediation
NZ Lawyer September 2009
pdficon small Restorative Justice in Resource Managament Prosecutions
Resource management Bulletin September 2009
pdficon small Commercial Mediation - Top Tips for best Outcomes 
ADLS Seminar July 2008. 
pdficon small Lawyers in Negotiation – The Good the Bad and the Ugly (2008)
NZ Lawyer Issue 85, 4 April 2008
pdficon small Reflections from an IAM Conference (2007)
NZLJ August 2006
pdficon small The Golden Age of ADR
Mediator Insights from the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution Conference 2005
NZ Lawyer Issue 18, 1st June 2005
pdficon small ADR: New Zealand on Par with the United States (2005)                    
NZ Lawyer Issue 17, 27 May 2005
pdficon small Do we need a Mediation Act? (2003) Australasian ADR  Bulletin  
Volume 6 Numbers 4 & 5 August and September 2003
pdficon small Family Mediation - Under AIE Spotlight (2002)
NZLS Law Talk Issue 579 (2002)
pdficon small Choosing Mediation and Mediator Selection (1998)
pdficon small Representing a client in mediation (1998) 
pdficon small More about justice and fairness than a vindication of legal rights (1997)

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