What I Learned from Studying Neuroscience about the Future of Mediation- Cameron Thomas

A great article about how understanding Neuroscience can add to the mediation process; how different parts of the brain pertain to different outcomes and parts of mediation process. 

Read the full article here


Reflecting on: Tammy Lemski- Weaving the narrative of a conflict. 

Tammy Lenski is one of my favourite mediation bloggers and this is a wonderful reflection of hers on conflict narratives and how they are constructed. She talks about conflict taking root in the space between our narrative about what happened and the other person's narrative. The article talks about Elizabeth Gilbert's book tour of Eat, Pray, Love and an experience with a fan. One way of understanding conflict resolution is the act of weaving a new joint narrative, one that includes the most valuable threads in each story.  

Read the article here.

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